I'm Chris Clayton

How I started on my journey...

When I was 12, my parents were told by my headmaster that I wouldn’t pass my GCSE’s, or do A-Levels, and therefore I could forget about University.

My Mum and Dad knew I could do more, so they went without to give me the opportunity to learn at a great school.

Fast forward 11 years…

8 GCSE's graded A-C
3 A-Levels
BSc (Hons) Tourism Management
MSc Business Information Technology

This was just the beginning...

Lets get down to business.


A 30 Second Video...

So what do my colleagues think?

Its important to me to share ideas and get feedback.


Why coaching kids is great for developing leaders.

Personalisation – One size doesn’t fit all!

Empower your team to deliver innovation. 

How I try to give back?


Working with the Princes Trust

For the last 2 years I have been a Digital and Marketing Mentor to Young People setting up and growing their new business. During this time I have helped 8 new businesses on their journey.

Working with the English Cricket Board

Last year I became a qualified All Stars Coach – coaching 40, 5 to 8 year olds who are playing cricket for the first time. This year I am continuing on this journey become a Level 2 qualified coach for 8 to 13 year olds.

And if you are still wondering if I am the right person?


"I’m thrilled that Chris is applying for the Marketing Academy this year. His passion for exploring and learning and taking on new ideas is evident every day at Nationwide. He is without doubt one of our rising stars, wise beyond his years and a kind and hugely values-led leader to boot. That shines through in the new ways he has sought to make our marketing genuinely member focussed and in the strong relationships he builds internally. It would be fantastic if could build on this through the Marketing Academy experience."

Sara Bennison | Chief Marketing Officer